The case, maybe, but not what he actually admitted to or was convicted of. That's a very big distinction to make. What the prosecution claims and what the defendant was actually convicted of is a huge difference. Also, I think it's more appropriate to list the actual legal charge, rather than your own… » 8/30/14 1:51am Saturday 1:51am

"DeOrbiter has a sensor to locate a satellite," Halsband explains. "Then it achieves a rendezvous with the satellite and has a unique grappling and docking mechanism to hold it in place. We put a lot of energy into our microsatellite that allows each one to do these tasks more than 20 times."

» 8/29/14 4:52pm Friday 4:52pm

Nothing major, sure. But let me give one example of an even smaller tweak that serves as a good metaphor for the entire update. At the end of a given race, the game now defaults to the "next race" selection on the menu screen instead of the highlight reel, which it did originally.

» 8/29/14 6:59pm Friday 6:59pm

It was an incredibly, deceptively deep narrative told in a novel way that took full advantage of the interactive medium to tell a more traditional short story complete with character development, symbolism, subtext, and genuinely human emotion. And it did all of this without ever actually introducing us to the… » 8/28/14 5:21pm Thursday 5:21pm

Shane is also the worst. He's the most irritating quest-giver I've encountered in a while, and is a complete creep, to boot. Every other line is some manner of sleazy come-on to Fetch, and his master plans don't make much sense. I couldn't fathom why anyone would trust a word out of this guy's mouth, let alone…

» 8/28/14 2:41pm Thursday 2:41pm

Lesley does know that, instead of doing something as white as "Joining in with a protest you support," the oppressed people of America will be better off if you, the whites, take the following five actions: 1) "Listen," 2) "Question the narratives you're hearing," 3) "Cultivate an awareness of privilege and racism…

» 8/27/14 4:37pm Wednesday 4:37pm

This man is now having his livelihood disrupted by accusations that have yet to be supported by the slightest bit of evidence, and Gawker is directly responsible for promoting his public image as a rapist despite that lack of evidence. Sam, you should be fucking ashamed of this article. You're a piece of shit. » 8/27/14 12:50pm Wednesday 12:50pm