The case, maybe, but not what he actually admitted to or was convicted of. That's a very big distinction to make. What the prosecution claims and what the defendant was actually convicted of is a huge difference. Also, I think it's more appropriate to list the actual legal charge, rather than your own… » 8/30/14 1:51am 8/30/14 1:51am

"DeOrbiter has a sensor to locate a satellite," Halsband explains. "Then it achieves a rendezvous with the satellite and has a unique grappling and docking mechanism to hold it in place. We put a lot of energy into our microsatellite that allows each one to do these tasks more than 20 times."

» 8/29/14 4:52pm 8/29/14 4:52pm

Nothing major, sure. But let me give one example of an even smaller tweak that serves as a good metaphor for the entire update. At the end of a given race, the game now defaults to the "next race" selection on the menu screen instead of the highlight reel, which it did originally.

» 8/29/14 6:59pm 8/29/14 6:59pm

It was an incredibly, deceptively deep narrative told in a novel way that took full advantage of the interactive medium to tell a more traditional short story complete with character development, symbolism, subtext, and genuinely human emotion. And it did all of this without ever actually introducing us to the… » 8/28/14 5:21pm 8/28/14 5:21pm

Shane is also the worst. He's the most irritating quest-giver I've encountered in a while, and is a complete creep, to boot. Every other line is some manner of sleazy come-on to Fetch, and his master plans don't make much sense. I couldn't fathom why anyone would trust a word out of this guy's mouth, let alone…

» 8/28/14 2:41pm 8/28/14 2:41pm